Lesson 2: Honing Your Pitch

Watch Time: 9 minutes | Work Time: 30-45 minutes

section 1: Why having a well-honed crowdfunding pitch is the first step

When preparing for your crowdfunding campaign, the first and most important exercise is honing your pitch. As a Founder, it is your job to be able to articulate the mission of your company and the problem your product/service is solving, making sure whoever is listening fully understands why your business needs to exist.

A perfect pitch is not only extremely valuable for your crowdfunding campaign,  but it’s also critical to getting your first customers, and eventually securing your next round of funding after your campaign.

Campaigns That Nailed It!


Now, obviously we are not going to call anyone out for failing, but we are going to give you a list of “What NOT to do’s” when it comes to your video:


  1. Not showing your face in the video. People are investing in YOU, and you want to engender trust in your video, so make sure to show your beautiful face, at least for some of it, so people know that it’s really YOU behind the project.

  2. Videos that are long and boring. If your video is over 5 minutes, it’s too long. If your video is just you, talking into the camera for 10 minutes, it’s both long and boring. You get it.

  3. Don’t make it hard for folks to hear you. Spend the $30, and get a decent mic for your smartphone. Great audio makes all the difference. Check out our recommendations in the DIY Video Shopping List.

section 2: YOUR Crowdfunding pitch structure & SOME EXAMPLES

The best way to think about writing your pitch for your crowdfunding campaign is that it is an opportunity for you to get organized on what exactly your product/service is, what’s the problem you’re solving, why you’re uniquely qualified, and then of course, making the ask.

This pitch structure will raise you the most money possible:

  1. What is your 15 second elevator pitch?

  2. Introduce yourself

  3. What is the problem you are trying to solve?

  4. How does your product or service solve this problem?

  5. Why are you uniquely qualified to pull this project off?

  6. Ask your audience to support the campaign and say thank you!

TASK: Fill in the “Pitch Honing” tab on your iFundWomen Method Playbook that you already downloaded, read through what you wrote, and time yourself. You should clock in at 2-3 minutes max.

IFW RECOMMENDS: Use your master iFundWomen Method Playbook for every exercise in this course. If you are not comfortable using the Playbook to write your pitch, feel free to use this pdf pitch template or simply a Word doc. The most important thing is to follow the pitch script.




Practice, Practice, Practice. The confidence gap is real and you need to overcome it with an extremely clear and succinct pitch. As an entrepreneur, one of the few things you can control is how you are presenting to others. Make sure you buy your own messaging. If you don’t, your potential campaign backers won’t either.


  1. Read through your pitch several times, until you get comfortable.

  2. Practice giving your pitch, with notes, to trusted advisors, a coach, or a mentor and get legit feedback. Listen to their feedback and iterate if you need to. Now is the time to make changes to your pitch.

  3. Keep practicing your pitch to anyone who will listen, including but not limited to: your coach, your mentor, your roommate, your spouse, your neighbor, kids, or cat.

IFW RECOMMENDS: If you are not comfortable with your pitch after completing this exercise, consider signing up for private coaching where an iFundWomen Coach will help you to craft and hone your perfect pitch.

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