Lesson 5: Video & Campaign Creative

Watch Time: 13 minutes | Work Time: 4-6 hours

section 1: All things campaign creative!

It’s time to get creative! It’s so important to produce high quality content for not only your crowdfunding campaign, but for your business as a whole. This chapter covers everything you need to know in order to get the creative assets together for your campaign.

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section 2: Stick to your PERFECTLY HONED script in your campaign video

Great crowdfunding requires great storytelling.  The truth is that people will fund your campaign when they fall in love with your story, your mission and your commitment to your dream.

Remember that honed pitch you already have from Lesson 2? Bust that out, sister, because that’s your video script. Make sure your script reads between 2-3 minutes, closer to 2 minutes is better. A shorter video with all of your relevant information will be more engaging for viewers and potential funders.

The iFundWomen Method Pitch Structure:

  1. What is your 15 second elevator pitch?

  2. Introduce yourself

  3. What is the problem you are trying to solve?

  4. How does your product or service solve this problem?

  5. Why are you uniquely qualified to pull this project off?

  6. Ask your audience to support the campaign and say thank you!

TASK: Practice reading through your script in front of a mirror so that you’re prepared when it’s time to get on on camera.

IFUNDWOMEN RECOMMENDS: Don’t worry about memorizing your script. Trying to remember exactly what you had written down tends to trip you up once you hit record. Instead, have your producer lob you up the questions from the pitch script template and deliver what feels most comfortable.

section 3: From PrE to Post-Production

Now it’s time to prep for your video shoot. Here are some tips to prepare you before you shoot!

  1. Find a shoot location with lots of natural light that represents your brand or customers.

  2. Rehearse your pitch, but don’t memorize

  3. Capture lots of B-Roll

  4. Identify an awesome 10-15 second cold open that will kickoff your video

  5. Choose imagery and graphics that are on point for your brand and tell its story

  6. Subtitle your video

  7. Get feedback from trusted advisors

Did you know that crowdfunding campaigns with a video are 85% more likely to achieve their crowdfunding goal?

Research also shows that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.  This is why, whether DIY’ing or hiring professionals, having a high quality video asset is essential for every early-stage entrepreneur as they launch and grow their business.

TASK: Download our DIY Video Production cheatsheet for helpful tips and tricks on how to shoot, recording your sound, and choosing what to wear on screen.



IFUNDWOMEN RECOMMENDS: These creative editing tools require minimal skills to use:

For Graphics: Canva

Canva is great for creating professional-looking graphics for your campaign page and social media. Fun Fact: Canva’s founder is female!

For Editing: iMovie

iMovie is Apple’s built-in, easy video editing software, that comes standard with any Mac.

Avid, Final Cut, and Premiere are also great options.

For Music: Soundstripe or Musicbed

Use these for royalty-free music clips you can add to the background of your video.

For Distribution: YouTube

It’s easy to upload your video to your YouTube account, and if your video is tagged properly, and you include your iFundWomen campaign link in your video description, you will enjoy nice SEO (search engine optimization).

Feeling overwhelmed at the idea of producing your own video? Let the experts do it for you! Check out your options here.

You can also book a private session with our video production team to help coach you through the DIY process. Scroll down to learn more!

section 4: Shooting On A Smartphone

You don’t have to hire a professional do the work! Shoot on a smartphone and still get access to top-notch editing tools.


  • Make sure sound quality is top notch by ordering an attachable mic for your phone.

  • Check to make sure the lighting is good. Face the light, don’t turn your back to it.

  • Buy a tripod for your phone to get that professional feel.

  • Use the iFundWomen DIY Video Shopping List below to find the products you need from our favorite & trusted brands.

DIY Video Shopping List


section 5: PROJECT Page Design

Now it’s time to make sure you have a beautifully designed campaign page to match your amazing video! Think about your potential funders coming to your page.  The more well-designed and consistent with your brand it is, the further your campaign will be legitimized and the more likely you are to convert that page visitor into a funder.


  • Make a great first impression.

  • Use beautiful imagery to convey your brands style and personality.

  • Tell your story with images and infographics.

TASK: Use the Page Design section of the iFundWomen Method Playbook you downloaded in Chapter 1. Download it again here.


Have questions about how to DIY you video? IFW Recommends booking a private session with one of our coaches.

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