Lesson 7: Launching Your Campaign

Watch Time: 19 minutes | Work Time: 1 hour

section 1: assembling Your PROJECT Page

Ok, you have a perfectly honed pitch, a compelling video that tells your story, and gorgeous images and graphics to show off on your campaign page. Now it’s time to putting it all together and assemble your project page!

Covered in this section:

  • Adding your company website and info

  • Filling in your campaign pitch with text and images

  • Adding your rewards

  • Connecting Stripe & PayPal

TASK: Go to iFundWomen and click CROWDFUND.

IFUNDWOMEN RECOMMENDS: Follow the prompts and make sure to save your draft often.

section 2: implementing your Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel

We know how important it is to utilize data in your overall business strategy, which is why we’ve built our platform to include functionality that allows you to track how your potential funders are interacting with your campaign page.

TASK: Watch the video above to learn the simple steps to connecting your Google Analytics and your Facebook Pixel to your campaign. Do not skip this step!

Facebook Pixel Step by Step Implementation Guide

We’ve updated our process for implementing your Facebook Pixel. Read the guide below for step-by-step instructions on getting your pixel setup.


IFUNDWOMEN RECOMMENDS: Want to make sure you’re not forgetting anything before you launch your campaign? Use our Ready to Launch Checklist to make sure all your components are ready.

Campaign Launch Checklist


Looking for a more in-depth course on Google Analytics? Watch our class on Intro Google Analytics in the iFundWomen Workshop Library.


Want more help setting up your campaign? IFW Recommends booking a private session with one of our coaches. Then, build on your understanding of Google Analytics by registering for our Intro to Google Analytics course.

* You must have the Self Starter or Founder Level Membership to book a private session and to access the full list of classes and workshops.. Need to upgrade? Click here.