Dedicated Crowdfunding Coaching

BECAUSE YOU WANT A PRIVATE, DEDICATED, CROWDFUNDING COACH to guide you through the entire process.

Are you planning on crowdfunding in the next 3 months, and need a guided, private crash course on how to crush your campaign? If the answer is yes, dedicated private coaching is for you. In this 2 hour, private program, you will get expedited pitch honing, a rewards strategy, and a solid marketing strategy designed to help you raise the most money possible.

I loved the coaching I got from iFundWomen. You WILL NOT FIND THAT LEVEL OF SUPPORT ANYWHERE ELSE.
— Jennifer Columbe, Sat Nam Babe

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$450 + $99/mo


Two (2), 60-minute private coaching sessions, with 1 dedicated coach to hone your pitch & create your rewards/marketing strategy

Founder level coaching subscription with access to the iFundWomen Method Crowdfunding eCourse, Unlimited access to Workshops & Classes, access to monthly Founder Support Circle, additional two (2) 30-min private sessions/mo, and an invitation to our slack community

Terms & Conditions: Dedicated coaching purchase is good for 1 year from date of purchase. All deposits are non-refundable. If you’ve bought this bundled package, you must maintain an active monthly subscription during the time it takes to complete your 2 hours of dedicated coaching. You may cancel your monthly subscription after completing your scheduled dedicate private coaching sessions.