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the ifundwomen method crowdfunding course

Designed with early stage entrepreneurs in mind, this FREE course will teach you how to use the iFundWomen Method to hone your pitch, map your network, strategically estimate your fundraising goal, market to your target audience, and design rewards that sell.



Self-Starter and Founder levels only

Need to solve a pressing business problem right now? Book a private sesh with an expert who can help you think through the problem, and solve it, all in a judgment-free zone.

We’ve purposely developed 30-minute micro-coaching sessions that are designed to solve one problem at a time. Our Coaches are standing by to help you, so book a session below!

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Founder level only

Let’s face it: Being a Startup Founder can be a very lonely and isolating experience, especially for solopreneurs. That’s why, every month, we have created a safe space to let it all hang out, and gain support from one another. No investors, no judgments.

workshops classes

workshops & classes

Self-Starter and Founder levels only

Workshops & Classes take place virtually, through Zoom, where you can view the presentation, ask the Coach questions, and meet your fellow classmates. They run about an hour, and are recorded, so if you can’t make it on the scheduled date, you can access the learning when it’s convenient for you.

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private slack community

Start building your community here on the iFundWomen private slack. Get support and advice from other entrepreneurs in the thick of #startuplife.

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“how to crowdfund” weekly zoom webinar

This webinar should be your first stop on your crowdfunding journey. Learn all the basics of what you need to have a successful campaign. It’s free. RSVP below.


ifundwomen workshop library

Missed a class or workshop? No worries. We record everything you so you can access it at anytime. Head to our Library to access recordings, PDFs, and other resources,

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