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because you need an expert opinion, on lots of critical startup topics, on your schedule. we’ve got you.

Need to solve a pressing business problem ASAP? Book a private sesh with an expert who can help you think through the problem, and solve it, all in a judgment-free zone.

We’ve purposely developed 30-minute micro-coaching sessions that are designed to solve one problem at a time. Our Coaches are standing by to help you, so book a session below!

iFundWomen Coaches offer the perfect amount of hand-holding and butt-kicking, which is crucial when you’re trying to get a startup off the ground.
— Georgia Grace Edwards, Co-Founder of SheFly

Business & Product

monetizing your product and service

monetizing your products & services

When you are just starting out with your new innovation, it’s not always clear how to get started monetizing your business. One of our superpowers is just that: knowing what you can monetize based on what you are building. Let us help you figure this out quickly, and get you on the path to revenue.


"I’m not sure where to start” coaching

Ok, so you have an awesome idea that you are super-passionate about, you want to start something, but you are unsure how to get started. You have an idea, maybe a website, and you need funding. You just aren’t sure where to start. This private session is for you.

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First-time founders tend to waste precious time and money hiring developers to build expensive tech product for their business, before even knowing what you want your users to do on said tech product. This coaching session will help you avoid rookie tech mistakes and save you a TON of time and money.

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EVERYDAY business coaching

Making decisions in a solopreneur bubble is hard because you may not have anyone to bounce ideas off of, or help you think through everyday decisions. If this resonates with you, then treat yourself to a business coaching session. Come prepared with one, burning question or problem you want help with.


founder therapy sesh

We aren’t real doctors but we play them on TV. j/k, but seriously, our coaches are experienced founders themselves and can lend an ear and some salient advice when you need it most.

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“I have too many ideas” coaching

Are you stuck because you have too many ideas? We feel you. In this session, we will focus you in on your one, BEST idea and give you some thoughts on how to execute.


You’re not crazy therapy sesh

The title of this private coaching session pretty much explains it all. Sometimes, as entrepreneurs, we just need someone to talk to who has “been there, done that”, and can listen and give advice if you want or need it.


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In this session, you get one-on-one crowdfunding coaching with an iFundWomen Certified Crowdfunding Coach. Topics include: pitch honing, rewards strategy, marketing strategy, launch strategy. To get the most out of your private sessions, please watch the entire Crowdfunding eCourse before booking your private.



In this session, you get one-on-one crowdfunding coaching, with an iFundWomen Certified Crowdfunding Coach. This session will be focused on honing your crowdfunding pitch. To make the most of your private, you should watch the entire Crowdfunding eCourse, and write a first draft of your pitch before booking your private.


how to build up your network

The most successful entrepreneurs spend a lot of time cultivating a network of supporters for their business. This is one of the keys to success to both crowdfunding, but also business in general. In this session, you will learn some specific tactics that you can use to build up your own personal and professional network.

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Are you crowdfunding and have no idea where to start with your rewards strategy? This private coaching session is for you! Before booking this session, please watch The iFundWomen Method Crowdfunding Course. You will be that much more prepared to rock your rewards strategy call.


Marketing your crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding is marketing, so knowing who your audience is, where they are, and how to talk to them is critical to succeeding at marketing. That’s what you will learn in this coaching session.

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diy video coaching

On a budget, and looking to "DIY" your own crowdfunding video? GREAT! We want to empower you to do just that. Book this session with one of our expert video producers, and we will guide you on how to create a crowdfunding video yourself, that you can be proud of. You may need two or three of these private sessions to get there, but that's OK. Think of how much money you are saving by DIY'ing.

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crowdfunding campaign page design help

On a budget, and looking to "DIY" your own crowdfunding campaign page design? GREAT! We want to empower you to do just that. Book this session with one of our expert designers, and we will help you create a few starter graphics that you can then riff off of, and complete your own page. Plan on needing 2-3 sessions to really feel comfortable doing this yourself, but that's OK. Think of how much money you are saving by DIY'ing.

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We have ALL been there. You need to set up your crowdfunding campaign, you're in a time crunch, and you're on a budget. Have no fear. Book this session with an iFundWomen Ops Ninja and we will hand-hold you as you set your page up, connect to the payment processors, and get ready to launch!

Raising Venture Capital

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So, you're raising a seed round. Good for you! You will be joining the ranks of the 1% of companies who raise venture capital. These coaching sessions will be dedicated to helping you with your pitch deck, creating your network map of investors who you are going to pitch, and helping you figure out exactly how much money you need to raise, and what you are going to use the proceeds for. This coaching is led by Karen Cahn, Founder & CEO of iFundWomen, who yes, has raised a seed round before.



Book this private session anytime you need help refining and practicing your pitch. Whether you are crowdfunding, competing in a pitch competition, or need a confidence boost, this private session is sure to leave you walking away with your swagger in tact.

Sales & Marketing

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what am i selling and who is my customer?

We’ve all been there. We have gone so far down the road with our innovative idea, that we lose sight of exactly what we are selling and who are our customers? If this resonates with you, book this session and we will help get you on track.


how to CREATE community

Looking for a fast, easy way to build an engaged community? Yah, that doesn’t exist. Building a real community takes heart, time, and commitment. If you have the right stuff, and want to learn some tactics on how to get started, sign up for this private session with our community building experts.


getting your SOCIALS started

Avoiding getting that Instagram and Facebook started for your new business? We feel you. In this session, we will help you get organized and get your socials set up with some solid strategies you can start implementing right away.

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