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Make the Most of Your Time with Habit Stacking

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  • The science behind habits so you can best shape them

  • How to audit daily habits and find space for change

  • A basic formula to begin habit stacking immediately


It’s very easy to live a life that is busy, but not productive. We often race through our days then look back and wonder what items of importance we actually accomplished. This daily grind has left many of us craving the next app or book that will solve it all overnight. Unfortunately that magic bullet may not exist, but peaceful productivity does.

With habits driving most of our lives it can be difficult to integrate new actions, even if we know will make our days better. This session will focus on habit stacking, one of the most effective strategies for living a life in which you are both present and productive. Habit stacking is a convenient strategy that uses existing habits to build new ones. Participants in this session will learn how to utilize habit stacking to increase personal productivity and find balance in a busy life.


  • 40 minutes of virtual course instruction from the Founder of the Origami Day System, Samantha Lane

  • 20 minutes of live Q&A with Samantha

  • Digital Download of Habit Audit Sheet

  • IFW Workshop Attendee Exclusive Deal:

    • Individual Consulting Session on Habit Stacking, Time Management, & Work-Life Balance via Webchat ($250 value)

    • Origami Day Planner Book ($48 value)

    • One Year of Weekly Planning Sheets ($25 Value)

    • Offered for $150 if booked by August 31, 2019.

  • Access to the live replay in the iFundWomen Workshop Library


Login or Become a Member to RSVP for this workshop. You must choose the “Self Starter” or “Founder” level membership to get access.

About The Coach

Samantha is the Owner of "Origami Day." After a successful career in marketing and higher education, she underwent a surgery that taught her life can be short and her priorities were off. She committed to living life as authentically as possible versus simply going through the motions. Knowing that each day is a gift, she began shaping her time by folding paper.

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