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It’s back to startup school season, which means it’s time to keep learning, growing and evolving as an entrepreneur. It’s no secret that you are building the plane while flying it and at iFundWomen, we believe that no entrepreneur should go it alone, which is why we provide access to the capital, coaching, creative and connections that power founders up to take action and grow their businesses.


Entrepreneurs who join iFundWomen and invest in private coaching and video raise 22 times more money than they would using any other platform.


📹 Professional Video

You will be thanking yourself for years for investing in a professional video for your business. A pro video not only will help you raise more capital, but will also help you market your business.

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Great crowdfunding requires great marketing, so take this 6-week crash course with Alex West Steinman, an industry expert who also raised over $315K on iFundWomen! This course will run from Oct. 1, 2019 - Nov. 5, 2019.
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Offer available through September 4, 2019


34% of our alumni go on to raise venture capital. That’s 34 times the industry average of 1%.